Friday, May 03, 2013

A new mission

I was just writing a letter RR, and expounding on something that has been worrying me a bit. I haven't been able to explore Melbourne much because I've been working so much, so I'm excited for lots of free time coming up. But...I won't have any money. Not having money can make it hard to explore a city. When you're out and about, you get hungry. And you have to pay to go into certain buildings. And you see pretty things that need to be bought! Okay, I'm not even convincing myself.

Anyway, I need to make it my mission to explore Free Melbourne. So, yeah. Monday, 13 May, check this space. I think I'll start by returning to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, which we visited when we first visited Melbourne for Hugh's interview. While we were there, I spent ages in the gift shop (sidenote: I LOVE gift shops! Why do people always rush you past them and complain about museums emptying into them? They're the best bit after all that boring culture!) The gift shop had these journals from a company called Compendium which I quite liked, but couldn't quite afford. But I wrote down the name and eugoogled them when I got home, and did you know? They're only $12.50 and delivery was free! So I bought two, one for myself, and one for Hugh's sister.

When they arrived, the box was full of other little goodies with the Compendium brand: a mechanical pencil, some stickers, and little inspirational quote cards. One of them said, "Compendium, Seattle, WA." Can you believe that? I come all the way from Seattle to Australia to buy a journal that came all the way from Seattle to Australia. Just think of the carbon footprint involved in that! But I've been writing almost every day, so that's good, eh? It almost justifies me buying a brand new journal from work tomorrow...

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