Saturday, May 04, 2013

Exploring Prahran

It is Saturday, and I have the day off! Amazing! Hugh has the day off, too, but he needed to study for his upcoming distiller certification test (nerd alert!) so I left him alone to go explore this great city.

The poster is from the BEST PUBLIC SERVICE AD CAMPAIGN EVER! There's a video and a song that go with it, all to remind Melbournians to be careful around trains and trams. Go watch the video!!

I saw a thing on Twitter saying Australian American Apparel are giving away pairs of mesh leggings. I'm not one to pass up a freebie, so even though the closest AA is clear on the other side of town, requiring two train rides and about an hour to get there, I made the trek. But hey, it was an opportunity to explore. A coworker recommended I check out nearby Greville St for hipsterish-ness. I was not disappointed.

There was a great magazine store, Mag Nation, with lots of exciting stationery and gifty things. I was not impressed, however, that knitting magazines were $15-$20. Sure, they're imported from the US and UK, but really!

There's was also a trinkets boutique that had cute vases and ceramics. As my wonderful boyfriend recently bought me roses, we need a vase, but I think his antique cocktail mixer will work a bit longer.

In a clothing boutique, I bought a swingy, sparkly skirt for $29. What a steal! I've decided lately that I need more sparkle in my wardrobe.

Then on to American Apparel, where I picked out some navy blue leggings (it was that or hot pink and I had to chose under pressure!) I also bought a totally impractical but adorable strappy, knit crop top. (Hugh told me to buy anything cute that I saw.) Yay, fun times! But can you see how exploring the city is not cheap? This definitely does not qualify as a Free Melbourne adventure.


  1. I can't wait to share a whisky drink with Hugh.

  2. One of the radio stations in Seattle featured that song one morning! They were kind of poking fun at Australians for needing a song to remind them to be safe around trains. :D

    1. To be fair, a significant proportion of Melbournians aren't Australian. There are a lot of internationals who live here, and there are a lot of tourists. I think it's probably mainly the tourists (some of whom are American and unaccustomed to trams!) who get themselves hurt. Also, the trams here are fairly large and clunky, and of course, they drive down the middle of the road along with cars. Cars need to be careful around them, people need to be careful getting on and off of them (because of the cars whizzing past), and people are constantly jay-walking in this city.