Monday, May 13, 2013

tea towels!

I made tea towels! When we moved from Adelaide, I only brought my one tea towel, the Cath Kidston commemorative Royal Wedding tea towel (it's cute, oh yes). But after two months, it was getting a bit, let's say "crusty." So I made some new ones!

Sewing tea towels should be easy, as long as you have fabric, thread, and a needle, right? Probably, for talented types, but for total manual idiots such as myself, a few tools help. Of course, as this was my second ever sewing project, and my first ever sewing project that didn't come out of a kit, I didn't know what tools I would need! The book I bought was all, "cut out your fabric, fold the hems, and sew!" As if it was that easy.

Here's how it happened for me:

August: Get sewing machine from Hugh's mum (it was his paternal grandmother's machine)
February: Get Hugh's grandma's odd assortment of notions (which end up being super helpful!)
March: Get first sewing book of patterns!
April: Buy fabric. Wash fabric. Realise that you don't have an iron.

At this point, my wonderful, wonderful boyfriend bought me a seamstress' iron. Yeah, that's right, he coulda bought me a normal iron, but he fully supports my craftsy ambitions.

April (later): Iron fabric. Cut fabric completely crooked because you don't have a rigid ruler and have never in your life been able to do anything in a straight line. Also, realise that your scissors are totally shit.
Even later in April: Buy new scissors and long metal ruler.
May: Nod, "yeah, yeah, I know" to your sewing book which has crossed its arms at you and is saying, "I told you so," regarding having the correct tools for the job. It turns out that having a rigid ruler and scissors that work and a little blue chalk pencil (thanks, Hugh's grandma!) makes your life a million times easier! A simple task that took ten months to prepare for is finished in a couple hours (it would have been finished sooner but my prowess with the sewing machine means that several mysterious knots of thread appeared on the "right" side of the towels.)

All done!

(P.S. The pictures are pretty awful. Sozzles!)


  1. I like how you used a contrasting thread! That fabric is super-dupes.

  2. So cute! I can only read one character... you2, which means oil or fat. Yays for progress in Chinese!!!:)