Thursday, November 21, 2013

I bought a new purse

A couple weeks ago, we were shopping at the outlet mall that's 10min from our apartment (aren't we lucky?) In the window of the Fossil store, I saw the perfect bag. I've always loved Fossil brand. For years, I carried a green leather wallet of theirs with a pineapple embroidered on it. When it got stolen, I knew I wanted to replace it with another Fossil, and now I've been carrying that one for five years.

I'm very picky about handbags, because I tend to carry a lot of stuff around with me. I don't know how other people travel light! I can't seem to manage it. So the bag has to be big, but as I'm quite small, it can't dwarf me. And since starting the new job, I've been thinking it would be nice to have something that would fit my work laptop. kikki.K have nice Italian leather bags that are meant to fit a laptop and more, but the colors are boring and they cost more than $250.

The bag beckoning to me from the Fossil window was sage green and retro, a bit of a 1960s doctor's bag. "I think I could fit my laptop in here," I said to Hugh.

"No way," he responded.

Anyway, I didn't need it, I didn't have the money, I couldn't justify it. I put the bag out of my mind...temporarily.

This weekend, I got my first paycheck. I had no intention of going to the outlet mall. Hugh worked on Sunday, and I was gonna go to Carlton and explore the little shops there. First, I paid my bills and balanced my finances and figured out how much I have to spend until my next paycheck. After months--years, really--of living hand-to-mouth, it was a shock to see that my very first paycheck from the new job is more than enough to cover my living expenses, set some aside for savings, and still do a bit of shopping.

I still wasn't thinking about the bag, though, I swear! Not until a few hours later, when something reminded me of a bag I'd seen on Pinterest. It's a gorgeous weekender bag from Deux Lux, but they're sold out of the pretty green. I was debating whether the bold red one with green details would suit me, when I remembered the Fossil bag. I had my work laptop with me, so without really stopping to think, I grabbed the laptop and a water bottle and hopped on my bike. 

Hugh was wrong and I was right. The laptop did fit. sticks out the top slightly, but it fits lengthwise! That's all that matters. And it's pretty. That matters, too. It was the last one in sage, and they were sold out online, and it was down to $150, so I bought it. And it makes me happy. :-D

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