Thursday, November 14, 2013

more washi tape

They opened a washi tape pop-up shop at Melbourne Central! My last shift at work there was on Sunday, but the pop-up shop didn't open until Monday and I started the new job (plus long commute) on Monday. I managed to delay gratification until Thursday, when my new boss and I were stationed at the city center campus. After work, I made a beeline for MC.

I only bought three rolls. Aren't I good? Then I brought them home and started decorating everything in sight. I needed a pen cup for work, and I had just finished a large pot of yogurt, so I covered it in stripes of all my different tapes. Fun!

(See my awesome mermaid washi tape from Hobart?)

Sadly, when I was running for the tram on Monday morning, the pen cup flew out of my bag and rolled under a moving car :-( When I went back in the afternoon, this was all I found. So I still need a pen cup for work.


  1. Aw, that's so sad! Sorry about your cute pen cup. :(

  2. You found a pair of shoes??? You should put that tiny bit of yellow/blue tape on the toes of them...