Sunday, January 05, 2014


I've been knitting this sweater for the past few weeks. I really love the pattern, but I'm realising this wool is all wrong for it. I got to the bottom if the sweater just before Christmas, tried it on, and decided I hate it.

The pattern is called Narragansett, by Thea Colman. Hers is really pretty!

We were in Adelaide for about two weeks over Christmas (such a good holiday!) I had planned on taking my knitting, but I was so frustrated with this almost-complete sweater that I put knitting out of my mind for two weeks. I can't seem to make anything that I actually like!

So what should I do with this?

The first problem is that it's a bit loose around the top, then goes tight over my rotund middle bit. (Too many McDonald's cheeseburgers.) What with those horizontal color stripes, it is NOT a flattering look! So do I forget about the pretty Narragansett pattern and try to knit a looser fitting sweater? The pattern doesn't really work with this wool anyway.

Do I turn it into a cardigan?

Do I make several hats, scarves, and cowls out of it (there are five balls of wool!)

Do I finish it and gift it to someone I don't like very much?

Or do I rip it up and donate the wool to the Salvation Army so I never have to think about it again?

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