Monday, January 20, 2014

new hair

I forgot to post about my new hair! But I did email pictures to my family and post pictures on Instagram, and that pretty much covers every last person who reads this blog except Izzi and Tim, so:

Izzi and Tim, look at my new hair!

I've never colored my hair before. But I wanted a change (I always want a change when it comes to my hair) but I didn't know what to ask for. So Hugh asked if he could take charge, and though he has previously said I'd look good with Marilyn Monroe hair, I trusted him.

We went to his usual stylist in Adelaide, his friend, Noelsy. He told her I wanted to look like a surfer girl, which is true! I've always wanted to be a surfer girl. Never mind that I'm sort of afraid of things in the water killing me. Anyway, we decided on some blond highlights.

I had a minor panic as soon as she started painting the goo onto my hair. Partly, I had a sudden panic that I might have a horrible allergy to the chemicals, that they would burn me! And another part of me was terrified that I'd end up bleach blonde, with my thick, dark eyebrows standing out in the middle of my face.

But no. It's all good. And I quite like it.


  1. Very cute! Love the highlights!

  2. Hooray for risk-taking! I just got my hair colored a bright red, brighter than I've gone before. I too had a momentary panic when he started to bleach my hair. ("What if I permanently ruin my hair?!" Never mind that it will grow out in six weeks.) I was thinking about getting it dyed pink, but I chickened out.