Wednesday, February 05, 2014

new health goals

Ugh. I've been "trying" to get my weight under control for the past two years. By "trying," I mean that I've been thinking lots about it and making small changes that last about a week. Do you want to know how well it's been working? Skirts that I bought two months ago are too tight for me. In fact, all of my fitted skirts and all of my jeans are too tight for me. But I can't wear the same two expandable-waistband skirts to work every day of the week.

Add to this wardrobe problem the fact that I'm working in an Obesity Prevention office, and currently reading all the dietary and physical activity recommendations for Australia as part of my job, and I end up a bit paranoid.

So here are some new goals I just jotted down. I'm trying to make them achievable so that I'll be more likely to succeed!

  1. Do Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred video at least 6 days a week.
This will be the hardest one for several reasons. One, the work-out sucks. Two, it requires a lot of physical space, which we don't have. I have to push all the living room furniture aside in order to do it. Three, Jillian Michaels is annoying, and listening to the same obnoxious patter every single day for half an hour makes me want to die. "I know some of you are saying, 'Can't I just take the stairs?' No, you can not." Thanks for the tough talk, Jilly, but actually, I should be taking the stairs more often.

     2.  Walk to and from the train station. (A 20-minute walk that I usually avoid by taking the tram.)
     3.  At dinner, once you finish what's on your plate, do NOT continually walk over to the stove to pick at the leftovers in the pan.
     4.  Do NOT indulge in evening snacks unless they are carrots or fruit. (That means no biscuits, even if Hugh is eating a whole sleeve of them.)
     5.  Do not indulge in sweets at work. Just because someone brings a chocolate ganache wedding cake for afternoon tea doesn't mean you need to have some!

That's it for now. I'm fairly doubtful about my ability to stick to those five, but really, any improvement in what I eat or how much activity I do is progress. I can always buy looser skirts x-D


  1. It's super hard for me to do number 5, because people MAKE sweets in the kitchen of our office and the whole office smells like cake or pancakes or bacon or cookies!

    1. Says the girl that keeps baking and giving it away to those of us who are trying to behave...


  2. I always need something sweet at night, so I have tea with honey instead of munching on dessert. (John and I used to eat a whole bar of chocolate every night.) For me, I'll eat whatever comes into the home, so we had to stop bringing stuff into the home. We can't eat it if we don't buy it.