Monday, February 03, 2014

summery crop tank

You guys, I finished another project. I'm so proud of myself! Actually, I still need to block it, but it's otherwise done. I used a cotton yarn Jody sent me ages ago. (Was it last Christmas? Can't remember.) I had just the right amount. Again, it's a Girly Knits pattern, called Blossoming Beauty.

Here is a picture of it in progress.

Rather than get the blocking out of the way straight off, I just decided to put it on. And now I've been wearing it all day. haha! It's nice and HOT today, but the cotton isn't too warm, and the tank doesn't cover much anyway! haha!

(Ignore the Pillsbury Doughboy belly...)

It has a racer back. I took a selfie of that, too, but the angle made my shoulders look giant! I made Hugh take a picture of me earlier pretending to be a gangster. I had my overalls down and his gangsta Mariners cap on and I was making gang signs (so politically correct), but he deleted it immediately after showing it to me! I was totally gonna post it on here, even though my tummy looked even wider and pastier than above, but I guess he thought it was just too horrendous to share. I suppose you all owe him your gratitude.

(Also, can I just say that while I've been writing this post, my wonderful boyfriend has been making me a skirt?! How awesome is that? He is totally free-handing it, no pattern to speak of, and it has taken him about an hour and a half. What a peach!)


  1. Awesome! I love the color! The overalls made me think, "Come on Aileen!"

  2. Re: the sweater, that's soooo pretty!!
    Re: hugh making you a skirt, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!