Monday, February 24, 2014

working from home

The elementary school just up the road from us plays Top 40 hits to signal the end of recess. I think that's so cool! I love opening our balcony doors and listening to the kids playing at recess.

I'm working from home today. My boss is on leave, so there's no one in the office who needs me, and I missed my train this morning. It wasn't my fault, in case you were wondering! I take a tram and three trains each day, each direction. My first train sat outside North Melbourne station for almost ten minutes this morning, meaning that I missed train 2 (there are actually three to choose from, and I missed all of them) and therefore missed train 3. Since North Melbourne isn't really that far from home, and I had my laptop with me, I kind of couldn't be bothered to wait an hour and fifteen minutes for the next train to Geelong. There was a train towards home in two minutes, so I made a quick decision and hopped on. And it's great!

Normally, I avoid working at home because I can't stay focused. But I've been struggling to stay focused in the office lately, and I've actually been way more focused at home today! Not that I'm going to make a habit of it. But it's good to have some variety now and again to shake things up and keep me out of a rut.

And I can go to the post office and pick up a mystery parcel. Yay!

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