Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mama's here!

Mama arrived in Melbourne on Saturday morning, and after a quick brunch at our favorite Italian grocery store cafe (where she tried an affogato, yum!) we headed to the beach.

It was pretty empty! This is a relatively unknown beach, and it's gorgeous. I was talking about it to my coworker today, and he was sad to hear that I read about it online, because it's one of his favorite surf spots and he doesn't want people to know about it!

Hugh bought me a new boogie board a month ago, so we did a bit of surfing while Mama explored the rock pools.

We drove to the nearby town, then walked up to their lighthouse as it started to rain a bit. The views from there were beautiful, but Hugh pointed out the storm clouds headed our way. They looked far enough away, but we only made it halfway back to the car before the storm reached us. We were drenched in seconds! Then the wind picked up and started tossing around power lines, and then the lightning and thunder came! Yikes! We took shelter in a public toilet until it let up a bit.

Since I still had my bathing suit on under my clothes, I stripped off as soon as we got in the car. We drove to Queenscliffe for fish and chips for dinner, and I had to put my soaked jeans back on for that. 😝 Blech!

All in all, I think it was a pretty good first day in Australia for Mama!

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  1. It definitely was! I was in love with Australia from that day on!