Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Hate Making Decisions!

I had lunch with my new boss today. I’m getting really excited to start working, but I don’t start for another week. Can’t wait any longer!!

I went to go look at “my” coat again, just to make sure I wasn’t inflating its wonderfulness. I wasn’t. It’s wonderful. I love it all the more confidently having seen it a second time. And the general assembly (minus Becky) thinks I should go for it. I was talking about it with my dad last night, and I decided I should wait until I receive my first paycheck, and then if the coat is still there, I’ll buy it. If it’s gone, I’ll take it as a sign from God that it wasn’t meant to be mine. I was happy with this plan, willing to take the chance. But no, fate, or perhaps God himself, decided to rush things along a bit. When I went in to see it again today, I asked a sales-woman if it would be going on sale any time soon. She told me two sad things: 1.) It’s new, so it’s not going on sale any time soon, and 2.) They won’t be getting any more in; it’s a one-time thing. If my size sells out (and there are only two to begin with), that’s it.

Seeing that my heart was breaking, she offered me this salve: if I open a store credit card, I get 15% off. Furthermore, tomorrow is a special “Shop for a Cause” promotion where you donate $5 to some charity and you receive 20% off anything you buy. So 15% plus 20% off. But only tomorrow. So I have to decide RIGHT AWAY if I should go ahead and charge it (having not yet received any paycheck and having no idea when I can expect to receive the first one) or if I should wait and pay full price when I get the paycheck, and risk it being gone already. I hate being a grown-up. I can't make decisions! I mean, do I take this offer as a sign from God that I should buy it, or what?

I took pictures of it, but I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take pictures, and I was too chicken to ask, so I didn’t use the flash (I didn’t want to attract attention). In other words, the pictures are fuzzy, so I artificially sharpened them. They look pretty pixelated, but you get a better idea for the color/texture of the coat.

I’ll let all y’all know what I decide about it. In other news, I’m getting a haircut tomorrow, and I’m trying to figure out if I would look cute or absolutely disgusting with bangs (that’s “fringe,” Izzi). I’ll probably chicken out and end up with just a trim. Again, the goal here is to look more my age, and less like a 14-year-old.

Two hundred and forty-one dollars. That's what I figured out, and that is certainly manageable, I believe. Here, I'll show my work:

Start with $325. Subtract 20% (the 15% will apparently show up on the credit card statement).



Our sales tax is (I think) 8.9%, so add that.



Then take 15% off (I'm assuming this is how they'll do it).


283.14-42.471=240.669, or roughly $241.


  1. Cute!! Buy it already.

  2. Definitely go for it. But, I'm pretty sure they'll take 15% off of the pre-tax price. Normally they don't let you get a discount on the part you paid in tax. But, definitely, BUY THE COAT!

  3. Ok, it's saturday already... the suspense is killing me... not really I'm chilling in the Algarve (heehee)
    and of course i know what bangs are, silly american lady...

  4. That's a cunning anonymity trick you got there...