Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Surprise, Surprise, I'm Tired

I’m glad I don’t work (yet), because this was a long weekend and I think I need a couple days to recover. I'm so pathetic. I didn't even drink, I just didn't sleep. I went bowling with Jacque and we didn’t get back to Jacque’s apartment until 5:30am. Then she had to leave again at 6am for a church function. She didn’t get much sleep Friday night, either. I don’t know how she does it. I’d be completely useless after all that, but she got up bright and early this morning to go to work. Crazy girl. I myself slept for a solid two hours before heading to church, then slept for a couple hours after church, then headed back out on the town.

I rarely ever bowl, so it's no surprise I totally stink at it. I bowled as I always do: one game is bad, the next is decent, the next is embarrassing, the next is amazing (I got a turkey shoot!) and the final games are bad again. My high score was 168, but my average was in the 70s.

In other news, my room has been fumigated and two large wolf spiders lost their lives this weekend, so hopefully my monster problem has been solved, at least for the time being. I can rest easy again, except now I'm a little paranoid the bug spray will poison me. Ah, sweet sweet paranoia.


  1. So, you want to go out and do that again next weekend, don't you? :)

  2. Ding dong
    the spider's dead
    the fear is gone
    it's in your head
    ding dong the wicked spider's dead

    hi ho
    the merry oh!
    sing it high
    sing it low
    ding dong the wicked spider's dead!

  3. AHHHHHHHH, wolfe spiders scare the CRAP out of me! The only thing worse are CANE SPIDERS. Those suckers are the size of teacup saucers or better. THAT will scare the crap out of you. Hawaii is paradise? I think not. HUGE COCKROACHES THAT FLY, HUGE CENTIPEDES THAT STING, HUGE SPIDERS THAT TORMENT YOU....no thankyou.

    You are brave. Don't worry, that fumagation stuff disappears as soon as they open the windows. You will be fine. :) MWHAHAHAH!