Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boys boys boys

I should be studying right now. I make no excuses. Here, have some pictures!

Friday was a good day for my ego. I was on a roll with the menfolk. The day started off well with a sighting of a boy who has been on my mind for a week. We even spoke to each other. Be still my beating heart! Just kidding. But it did start my day off well.

In the evening, I met a boy who promptly fell in love with me. Or so Alex attests. He was Carina's friend's roommate, and he was very sweet and invited me to his house party no less than three times. I will definitely have to attend. After he left the pub, I was relaxing in an armchair, talking to Carina, saying that none of her friends ever seem to remember that they've already met me, when a cute Bostonian leaned over the back of the armchair and said, "How could anyone not remember you?" Um, hello, Flirty McFlirterson! I think it might have had something to do with the fact that I was wearing a cute, strappy top, and from his vantage point, he might have been able to see down it, but he was very friendly. For a few minutes at least, and then he disappeared with his four female friends. Weirdo. But I'm not picky, I'll take an ego boost when I can get one! Or three in one day.

In other news, my Conflict and Health class is really good, and also, I'm a massive klutz. I have made a complete arse of myself twice in two days, but it was only in front of my CID classmates, so it's all good. They still love me. On Thursday, my classmate, Sally, was giving a presentation about her experience working with HIV care in India. I had to leave early, but was sitting in the furthest seat from the aisle, so had to squeeze past about 6 people. On the way, I knocked over every single person's lunch. I felt like I belonged in a movie full of slapstick gags. When I finally got out into the aisle, I took a bow and said, "Thank you, thank you!" They told me later that my face was bright red.

But was that mild embarrassement enough for me? Of course not! So the following day, at class drinks at the bar, I tried to climb over a low table, ended up straddling it, and then knocked over two bottles of beer while trying to bring my other leg over. Immediately after I recounted this event to my classmate, Cheryl, ending with, "And that's how I'll be remembered for eternity," she said, "You know, we should figure out how to make a yearbook for our class." In case anyone manages to forget that I'm ridiculously awkward, they'll have a souvenir to remind them over the years.

I miss you all (even though I am managing to have a blast without you).


  1. Woo! Go Karen! Can you send some of that good Boy-Karma my way? You can keep all the Klutz-Karma for yourself, though. :D

  2. Are you sure you're Clumsy McClumserson? Maybe you're just Drunky McDrunkerson.

  3. She's Tipsy McDrunkerson, the mayor of Hoochville.