Saturday, January 17, 2009

New wellies

Oh, hello there, readers. You haven't given up on me yet? I meant to write about last weekend, but obviously, did not get around to it. I went to Holly's for one night. It was the coldest day in London in a decade, so it was even colder out in the countryside. The sky was clear and there was a full moon. Everything had a thick layer of frost. In places, it even looked like it had snowed. The frost plus the full moon made everything glow blue. Coming up Holly's driveway, two fluffy bunny rabbit tails hopped away from us. Holly's brother said their pond has frozen over, and he had been out on it. In the moonlight, we crunched across the frozen grass to the pond and timidly stepped onto the ice. It was pretty doggone solid, but I made sure to stay near the edge. I'm not even sure how deep the pond is normally, but it doesn't look big enough to get very deep. Anyway, I kept my ears open for any cracking sounds.

Holly and her mom and I went for a walk around a sort of nature preserve the next day. It was like a big park that you have to pay to get into. The weather had warmed up and the park was gorgeous. I wore my brand new wellies! They look like this:

So pretty!

The first week back at school was pretty good. My schedule is really relaxed, and I'm excited about my classes. Everyone has to take two classes for the next five weeks. One class is allocated all day Mon and Tues, plus Wed morning. The second class gets Wed afternoon, then all day Thurs and Fri. Well, my first class is Tuberculosis by distance learning, which means that I stay home all day Mon and Tues and read about TB. My second class is Conflict and Health, which is going to be really interesting (already is!), and we only have class Thursday morning, a couple Thursday afternoons, and Friday morning. It's a lot of free time, and I should use it for reading, but I probably won't. :-)


  1. I see the boots finally arrived. Yay!

  2. Love the wellies! Your story about the frozen pond and the bunny rabbits sounded so nice. I wish I could visit!