Friday, January 09, 2009

Stalking David Sedaris

Perfect, Jax. That's why I keep you around!

Today was another good day of good friends. I had tea with Holly and we just sat and talked for ages, then I met Carina, Alex, and Alex's parents for dinner. I felt bad because I was late and got sort of lost. I knew exactly where I was, I just didn't know where they were. I was literally standing right next to Buckingham Palace, hoping a prince would come along and give me directions. Alex and Co. grabbed a taxi and came to pick me up, though, and we went for dinner at a nice Italian place. Yummy! Her parents were really nice. Have I mentioned before that Alex is a Georgia peach? Cuz she is. Tanya calls her Georgia. All this to say that her parents had adorable southern accents. We hung out and talked for a while, then Alex, Carina, and I walked to Alex's tiny closet-apartment and talked a little longer. Alex thought she heard her friends coming in, so she went out into the hall to meet them, but it was just this guy she doesn't really like, so she had to pretend she was going to the bathroom. This made Carina comment that Alex was "so awkward!" which made me think of David Sedaris, so I asked Alex if she had ever read David Sedaris. She looked at me like I had horns and said, "Have we not had this conversation?" No, we haven't. She said David Sedaris was her favorite author, and he lives down the street from her here in London, so she STALKED HIS BOYFRIEND, HUGH! She literally loitered outside their house until she saw Hugh at the window! And she plans to go back and stalk them some more when David Sedaris gets back from his book tour in the US! So funny!!! Carina was appalled, but Alex assured her that it's okay to stalk people if you're a cute girl. I'm highly amused by the whole thing, and am tempted to stalk David Sedaris with her. Anyway, I thought you guys (especially Jocky) would get a kick out of that.


  1. That's hilarious. I want to try out this "stalking is okay if you're a cute girl" theory. Any suggestions of who I can stalk?

    Also, as an aside, I'm a bit jealous that Rania and Ben coming to visit you warrants two "Yay!"s, but I didn't get any... :-(

  2. At first I thought you were trying to say "Jacque", and I thought, "Wow. Those British people must really be getting to Karen. Jacque will kill her!"

    And then I realized you were combining John and Becky. And I thought it was amazing.

  3. We prefer not to be called "Jocky," because it reminds me of the hideous underwear I used to wear in middle school. "Muncherson" is more preferable.

    It's also okay, even flattering, to stalk people who aren't THAT famous. We have stalked Eugene Mirman, Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, Dmitri Martin, and David Sedaris's sister Amy with perfectly-intact dignity. The key is to have something normal to say when you finally meet them. "Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I love your [fill in blank]." Then follow up with a question: "Are you planning to come out with any new [fill in blank] soon?" When you ask a question, it gives the illusion that there was some purpose to the stalking, other than you're a big giant dork who geeks out about famous people.