Thursday, January 29, 2009

Must live through this

For the third time since September, I'm sick. But this time, it's not a nose-throat-head cold sort of thing. This time, it's a stomach bug. Or so I think, based on the fact that I have no symptoms whatsoever other than nausea and inability to sleep. I've felt like I might vomit for four days now, but have managed to avoid it so far. I'm not even sure I'm capable of vomiting. I can't remember the last time I did. I think my body just finds it so offensive that it doesn't allow it to happen. "That's fine, thanks. I'll just keep these toxins inside." For the past few nights, I've had trouble falling asleep. Me, having insomnia! Something is clearly horribly wrong with me, as sleep and I have a really fantastic relationship, normally. I hope it's just a bug and will pass quickly, but of course, the hypochondriac in me is wondering if it's something far more sinister. No, but seriously, I hope the sleep thing goes away soon, because I have a sleep study on Monday night and I don't want to be misdiagnosed with insomnia.

So, I really need to live through this flu/stomach cancer thing so I can go to the boy's house party. It turns out that it's a so-called "fancy dress" party, which is British for "themed costume party". The theme? Darwin and Evolution. Awesome!! I totally know what I'm going as, and it's gonna be amazing. I'm going as a vampire squid! Doesn't that sound badass? I feel a bit like I should go as a microbe, since microbes are basically my life, but how can I pass up an organism whose Latin name translates to "vampire squid from hell?" The invite says, "Bonus points for extinct life-forms." The vampire squid isn't extinct, but all it's ancestors and close relatives are, so it's a phylogenetic relict. I love parties that allow me to expose my nerdiness in all it's glory! Ah, it reminds me of the time that Amy and I went to Halloween as sister chromatids...those were the days!

Website with lots of interesting info about the vampire squid.

Epifluorescent micrograph of underside
of vampire squid's arm--it bioluminesces!


  1. I dare you to show up with a bioluminescent underarm.


  2. You could buy a string of battery-operated Christmas lights and put them under your arms so you can bio-luminesce.

    "I love parties that allow me to expose my 'nerdiness' in all its glory!"

    Yeah, sure, it's your "nerdiness" you like exposing at parties. Or is it your TA-TAS?!

  3. Yes, what is it about boys and costume parties that makes you so obsessed? My guess is that it gives you an opportunity to hide behind a mask and therefore flirt with abandon. I'm not knocking that at all -- the Venetians have been doing it for centuries! Maybe I should go there in two weeks to celebrate Carnivale...