Tuesday, January 19, 2010

18 Jan: Visa application

18 Jan: Getting documents together for my visa extension application, including passport photos.

Sometimes, I really don't understand how this country works. Or rather, how it can function when it is so hopelessly inefficient.

I'm trying to submit my application for a visa extension before the end of this month. All I need are:

  • an application form completed by me
  • my passport with visa sticker inside
  • bank statements for the past three months
  • a letter from my school verifying that I went there and earned a degree
  • passport photos on a cream or light grey background

Easy, right? I emailed my school for the necessary letter on 30 December. They responded on 4 January, saying I had been placed in a queue and to please allow 15 working days for the task to be completed. Three freaking weeks to print up a form letter? Really???

Fine. Letter arrived today, so no big deal. In fact, I foolishly thought to myself that I would be able to send off the application today. I just needed to get the bank statements from the bank and get my photos taken. No problem.

The photos were easy enough. Only £5, though I look awful in them (it wouldn't be an ID photo if I didn't). At the bank, the teller informed me that she could give me statements without my name on them, but in order to get ones with my name on them, as is required by the Home Office, I would have to wait TEN WORKING DAYS. To have my name on them! They could give me a document with all the necessary information, except my name, right then and there, but to have my name on them, that requires special powers. My bank can't put my name on my statements for my accounts showing my money. Well, they can, but it'll take 10 working days. Why? Why why why?

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  1. Oh the Brits and their obsessive banking rules!

    My Dad makes fun of them saying they don't actually produce anything over there - they just pillage diamonds from the third world and move money around in their banks. My British step-mom laughs and concedes that this is mostly true, adding that it is her heritage and she is PROUD of it, thank you very much! Hahaha!

    I hope all goes well with your visa application. Please let me know when you hear any news!