Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I never make New Year's Resolutions, mainly cuz I can't be bothered to make goals for myself. But this year, there were a few things I wanted to work on, so decided to make it official and call them resolutions.

2. Take a photo every day (or at least every week)
3. Something to do with cooking

I haven't decided on the last one yet, again because I can't be bothered to learn to cook properly (or I would have done it years ago). And making "learn to cook" a resolution is not very satisfying because how will I know, at the end of the year, if I've accomplished that? I need to set a measurable goal, like "cook dinner at least 3 times per week" or "try a new recipe every week." The first one isn't quite right, though, because I do cook that often, it's just super simple stuff like pasta or frozen food. And the second one is a bit too ambitious for me. It's not that I need a whole bunch of new recipes. It's that I need to focus on quality ones. So something like, "cook a healthy, quality meal at least 2 times per week" might be more achievable. I just need to make up a list of meals that are healthy and quality, but that are still relatively easy (because there is no getting around the fact that, when it comes to cooking, I am phenomenally lazy).

Okay, time to get back to applying for jobs. Peace out!


  1. Okay! I'll get busy on that recipe book I mentioned :-)

  2. I like the "once a day" photo idea! That's cool! I'm going to try it too.

    There's tons of free recipes at RealSimple.com. They have three things I like: pictures of the finished meal, an estimate of how much time it will take, and health information (calories, etc.).