Friday, January 08, 2010

Daily photos

Okay, so my plan to take a photo every day failed on day one. And again on day 4. I knew I was going to struggle with this. I may decide to do a photo per week. That should still remind me of all the amazing things I will have done in the coming year. But for now, here's the start.

24 Dec: A triptych representing the frustration of trying to split the bill four ways, and the elation when the waitress does it for us.

25 Dec: Ready for the after-Christmas sales

26 Dec: Boxing Day

28 Dec: The Nutcracker
30 Dec: Panic

31 Dec: Happy New Year! aka How on earth did I get this drunk?

2 Jan: Sushi with Aleisha and Em

2 Jan: Bad hair day

3 Jan: Puppy!

5 Jan: Seven-hour layover in Calgary.

6 Jan: Home in London! (That's right, they let me back in!)

7 Jan: Rearranged my room

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad they let you back into Merry Ol' England!