Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Even more snapshots of Oz!

Since moving into this apartment, I have felt that not having internet access has really been getting in the way of my ability to blog regularly. I have so many pictures to post! So much to say! My adoring fans deserve to know every minute detail of my fascinating life here in Australia!!

Well, we've had internet in the apartment since Friday. Five days, and I've posted...let's see...zero times. Heh heh. And Kusems reverts to posting once every three months.

Here are some more random pictures! This is a picture of Rundle Mall at dusk. Rundle Mall is the main shopping street in town. It's pedestrianized and has a few very random sculptures, including the Mall's Balls, two silver balls placed upright one on top of the other, and three wittle pigs, one of which is sneaking a peak into a rubbish bin. Cute! But I don't have pictures of those. I just have this fountain outside Adelaide Arcade, which dates back to the Victorian era and is full of...actually really boring shops, sadly. There is a milliner's, though!

On the left is a rather boring picture meant to show what winter looks like here. Palm trees among leafless deciduous trees, neither of which are native.  Gum or Eucalypt tree are native here, but they don't lose their leaves. On the right is a picture of some typical Adelaidean houses. The Victorian ironwork can be found on most houses in any neighborhood, in any suburb, of Adelaide. Even new houses are built to have a Victorian feel to them. In Hugh's parents' neighborhood, by the sea, some of the houses were actually built in the Victorian era. They're like run-down doll houses.

 One of Hugh's coworkers from Edinburgh has been living in Sydney for the past few months. She came to visit a couple weeks ago and Hugh took us on a winery tour in the Barossa Valley (pretty much the main tourist attraction in Adelaide). Sadly, I'm useless and don't remember the names of the wineries pictured. It may have something to do with the fact that I didn't spit out the wine I tasted and was therefore quite sloshed by the time we reached the second one (out of four).

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  1. Ooooh, a milliner's shop! Can you get me a Downton Abbey hat that costs less than $200? I'm on the hunt.

    The buildings look charming!

    Winter with palm trees seems better than summer with 50-degree weather and thunder-storms.