Friday, July 20, 2012

More snapshots of Oz

When you move, you come across cherished possessions you forgot you owned. And now that it's winter, what better time to pull this little number out for wearing?

I pretty much forgot about the 4th of July until I came downstairs to find this adorable note from Hugh's dad. How cute is that?? And yes, like a true stereotypical American (at least as far as the British are concerned), I DO use maple syrup on my bacon and eggs!

If I never leave this country to return to my homeland, it won't be because of Hugh. It'll be because of the native food. Here is just one delight, from Lobethal Bakery in the Adelaide Hills (wine country). Adelaide is full of bakeries, which do sell some fresh bread, but mostly serve delicious breakfast and lunch options. This is a pizza pie. It is a savoury meat pie (i.e. beef and carrots in gravy in a pie base) with ham, pepperoni, cheese, and pineapples on top. I'm drooling just looking at the picture. The photo also features another South Australian peculiarity: flavoured milk, specifically coffee flavoured milk. Now that I'm a coffee drinker, I quite enjoy these cartons of sugar--er, I mean, calcium. Healthy healthy calcium.

 Isn't my boyfriend talented? He made this for me while I visited him at work at the winery (the vineyard is pictured on the right).


  1. YUM! We'll have to visit Adelaide just so we can try the bakery items. We're already saving!

  2. You are living the dream, Kusems. A tasty dream! Mmmmmm.