Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My first garment!!

SHOOT! I was eventually going to get around to writing a post about my first knitted garment, but I just sent the finished product off to Amy without taking a final picture! Oh well, it would have been flat and lame anyway. Maybe Amy will send me a photo of her modeling it. I do have "in progress" photos.

So yeah, when I first taught my self to knit way back in ought-six, I knew that I would never be good at this craft. Or any craft. But I decided I was okay with that. What is good enough for Mrs. Weasley, is good enough for me. All I ever wanted was to be able to make gifts for my friends and family, and make myself little accessories, and if I knitted a Mrs. Weasley sweater some day, with sleeves all the wrong lengths, I would be proud.

Still, it took me six years...wait, is that right? SIX YEARS? Apparently, it has taken me six years to work up the guts (and motivation) to knit a full garment. I've made leg and arm warmers, hats, scarves, dish cloths, and blankets. But no proper clothing. I first saw the "Coachella" pattern on Knitty a couple years ago and immediately thought of Amy. She went to the Coachella festival one year while at university, and the way she described it made me really want to attend a music festival in the UK...I never did, of course, because attending music festivals in the UK requires two things that I lack: a) the ability to plan ahead, and b) money.

But anyway. A couple months ago, I wanted a new knitting project and, because I had a decent-paying job and wasn't paying rent, I actually had a bit of cash to afford nice yarn. Realizing Amy's birthday was coming up, I decided it was time to knit my first garment.

It went really really well! It's not Mrs. Weasley at all! (It helps that it doesn't have sleeves)  I had Amy try it on twice while it was in progress, and it looked fantastic. It helps that Amy has an amazing rack, but it fit her just right. I'm excited to see how she looks in the finished product.

(Going through the photos on my phone, I realize I have a LOT of catching up to do blog-wise. Sigh...)


  1. Karen, this is fantastic! Great job! I must add this pattern to my never-ending queue on Ravelry. How are you? How's Australia? We miss you a lot. Lots of hugs from the three of us + the bump. xxx

  2. Awesome! It looks really good! And I don't think it matters that it took you six years to get good enough to do a garment. I've been sewing for five years and I'm only just now building up to patterns.