Sunday, July 29, 2012

Samosas for lunch

I wanted to make home-made pizza the other day, but the easy way, with store-bought pastry. I couldn't find store-bought pastry, though, so I bought phyllo dough, assuming it'd be a bit weird, but would work. When Hugh got home, he informed that phyllo simply would not do.

So I had a whole pack of phyllo dough that I needed to use up. I decided to make myself samosas today. I figured I didn't need a recipe, despite the fact that I completely lack culinary instincts. I have learned one thing, though: almost every recipe should start with a fried onion.

So I fried an onion in butter, then added chopped mushrooms. I boiled some potatoes, and remembered partway through that we had frozen peas. I chucked some of those in. I mashed the potatoes and added some tandoori spice, which smelled like samosas should, but after two dashes of the spice, the potatoes still tasted pretty bland. I didn't want to use up all of the tandoori spice because, well, it isn't exactly mine. So the filling is a bit bland, oh well. I added the mushrooms and onions to the mash, then buttered up some phyllo dough and got folding. Easy peasy! I brushed the outsides with butter, so even though the filling is meh, at least the pastry tastes nice and buttery.

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  1. Nice! Another thing you could do if you still have phyllo is wrap it around a wheel of brie and bake it. Sooooooo yummy.