Saturday, October 06, 2012

One year anniversary

Hugh and I celebrated our one-year dating anniversary on Thursday. I decided to try out a fun recipe I saw on Pinterest for microwaveable pancakes (originally from boy and the rabbit). I didn't have any berries, though, so it was just plain pancake batter, poured into recycled salsa jars and microwaved. Hugh was horrified and wouldn't eat it. Maybe next time I'll add two or three different types of meat, and then perhaps he'll eat it ;-) Mmm, bacon pancakes....*drool*

We drove into town to get sugar butter buns and iced coffee from the Central Market. Then we headed to Henley Beach to get haircuts from Hugh's friend's mum. What's a more appropriate anniversary activity than couples haircuts, eh? The weather was gorgeous and we were there for a while, chatting and all, so the three of us ordered lunch in the form of appetizers from Estia Greek restaurant on the beach. There was spanakopita, zucchini balls, kalamari, and some dips. It was yummers.

We dropped the car off at home and took the tram into town, where my wonderful man took me shopping, and then checked into the Hilton. We had dinner Wasai Japanese Kitchen. We've eaten there before, and it was pretty good, but last night was FANTASTIC! We ordered tempura sushi, which was good, gyoza dumplings, which are always delicious, a teriyaki mayonnaise chicken dish which was really tasty, and an eggplant thing that tasted like it had been delivered straight from heaven. I wish I had paid more attention to its description on the menu, because I really want to try to replicate it (i.e. I really want to make Hugh try to replicate it).

After that, we went to a trendy tapas y vino bar called Udaberri for cocktails and jamon. It was decorated with (probably recycled) dark timber and old leather couches. Comfy!

my breakfast martini

THEN, we went to a nightclub called the Proj3cts to see Hugh's friends DJ. It was good fun and I got to dance with my man. Then we all went to one last bar for one last drink before Hugh and I crashed into our GIANT hotel bed. Sigh....with the sedentary lifestyle I've become accustomed to, a day as packed as that really wears me out! But it was the best day ever, not least of all because I spent it all with my favorite curly-haired man, who spoils me rotten and makes me feel like a queen. I love you to bits and pieces, Handsome!


  1. What's jamon?

    Happy Date-iversary! John and I still celebrate ours every year.

  2. Jamon, aged Spanish ham.....or just Spanish for yum....!