Sunday, October 07, 2012

Ready for summer!

What has two thumbs and is ready for summer?

This girl! I've been looking for a sun hat to protect my delicate and adorable nose for years, but there was never much pressure because I didn't live in places where the sun ever shone. Now that I live in a sunny place, a hot place, a place with a large gap in the ozone layer (thanks, Rest of the World!), and better weather approacheth, I really do need some protection. We've already had a couple days that were real scorchers by Seattle/UK standards. While my t-shirt exhibits a large wet spot under each arm, the natives are all, "Oh, is it warm out today?"

I noticed a sign in our neighborhood advertising a warehouse sale for one of the good clothing stores in town. I had no trouble finding several items to try on. In the end, I got me an airy summer dress for $20. Score!

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  1. Cute! Sorry about that ozone layer thing. You did it too, so there!