Sunday, October 21, 2012

Work in progress: cap sleeve lattice top

I've been working on this lately. The below picture is from Purl Soho. Mine is not that far yet, and probably won't look that impeccable when complete.

Cap Sleeve Lattice Top, photo from the Purl bee
It's from Purl Soho's the Purl bee blog. I'm excited to wear it during spring and summer. It's already getting pretty warm and that breezy lattice top looks so inviting. The wool they recommend sounds really nice, but it's pricey, and though I know that it's almost always worth the extra money to use high quality wool, I think I was a bit too eager to get started on this baby. I found some cheap yarn from Spotlight and Lincraft, which I may regret, but we'll see. So far, so good!

Ravelry link here.

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