Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Koala stuffie

I finally tackled my sewing machine this month, in order to make the saddest-looking Christmas gift ever. I bought a kit, and all I had to do was cut around the dashed lines and sew two pieces of fabric together, then stuff it with the included stuffing (made from recycled plastic bottles!)

Since I've never been able to do anything in a straight line, I was slightly encouraged by the wavy shape of the animal. But it appears that it is not the straightness of the line that is my problem, but the existence of a line at all! As you can see, her ears are not quite smooth. I totally clipped one of them. Anyhoo, I think she is still cute in her quirkiness and I hope Kasia and Corrado's itty bitty new baby likes her.


  1. Sewing projects never turn out as perfectly as you want them to. But I think the koala is adorbs!

  2. The baby will grow to love the uniqueness of the ear shape. Did you not love the odd lumps in the pound puppy I made you? And Becky's bear had the oddest-shaped belly ever!

    I love you :)