Friday, January 11, 2013

More goodies!

I got a wonderful box of treats from Becky and John yesterday.

It got a bit crunched on the post, but nothing was fragile. There was a very funny article about taxidermy owls from David Sedaris, a copy of The Stanger from when President Obama was re-elected, a pin cushion like my mom had when I was kid, some wool I ordered in July that was sent to the wrong address, a skirt and a handbag.

Now here's the cool thing. The skirt and handbag were both up-cycled. Years ago, I had a pair of jeans with cool swirly details on the back pockets. Come to think of it, I bought them secondhand. I used to wear jeans 6 days out of 7, so eventually, I wore holes in the crotch of these ones. I wanted to up-cycle them but lacked any sewing skills, so I left them in storage for 4 years while I lived in the UK. This past spring, I passed them to Becky, and she turned them into a great jean skirt that fits me perfectly!

When I opened the handbag, I noticed the Ann Taylor Loft tag and assumed Becky had bought this gift. It is beautiful and big, which is perfect because I carry a LOT of crap around. But later, I went back to look at it again, and realised it had previously been an Ann Taylor skirt and Becky had worked her magic on it. Then I realised it was an old skirt of mine, one that I had loved but got too chubby for. I had forgotten this skirt ever existed, but now it's like having an old friend back in my life. Up-cycling makes you feel good! Thank you, John and Becky! I love it all!

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