Friday, January 18, 2013


There is so much to say and I have no idea where to begin.

Hm, well. My job at Flinders University ended in mid-December, but my boss liked me so much that she found some funding on another research project for me to continue working there until my visa limit runs out. The plan was to come back in late January, early February.

Then Hugh heard that he had a job interview in Melbourne in mid January, and if he got that job, we might need to move fairly quickly.

Then my boss asked me to move the work up to be done throughout January. As my retail job hadn't given me many January shifts, I was happy to get the work done in January. So I started back last week, working four days. Then the retail job called to offer me an extra shift and to let me know that they would like me to stay with them indefinitely! (I was a Christmas temp) They want to train me to work at their department store concession as well, and so some discussion started to try to arrange time for training. We were in Melbourne for three days this week (pictures in the next post, I think) so I need to make up for the time missed from Flinders, but the retail job wants me too! I'm just too much in demand and suddenly feeling quite busy!

Which is all very exciting, but Hugh found out today...He got the job in Melbourne!!! Woot woot, we're moving to Melbourne! We don't know when yet, but it's unlikely to be before February. At any rate, if he needs to rush over there, I can take my time, finish things up here, and then head over. Em got a job as a teacher in the country, so she moved out this past week, leaving us with her hilarious and rather energetic boyfriend. Our lease goes until July, so he'll probably take that over. He just got a good government job, and he's toying with the idea of keeping the flat all to himself once we're gone.

I think the best part about this news is not being held in suspense anymore! At least mentally, I've been putting things off until we knew. Like, Hugh suggested that we take sewing lessons together (isn't that adorable??) but I didn't want to start anything until we knew.

Oh, actually, the best part is that Hugh's schedule will be work 5 days for two weeks, then work four days for two weeks, then just three days for one week. That means I get to spend whole days with my boyfriend! Yays! We are going to be so sick of each other, it'll be great!

So yeah. Details forthcoming, I suppose.

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  1. AWESOME! Congratulations all around! Are you raking in the cash now?