Saturday, January 05, 2013

Second time surfing

We went body boarding again yesterday. We went all the way down to Victor Harbour, to a spot called Chiton Rocks (watch out for the large rocks hiding below the surface in some spots!) It was not as calm as the last time, but the waves weren't great for riding. I did catch a couple good ones, though, one which I rode straight in to shore, and another in which I finally managed to ride sort of parallel with the wave (I forget what Hugh told me that's called). So far, I've focused more on staying on my board and on the wave than I have focused on actually manoeuvring along the wave. I have not yet learned to become one with the board.

I also haven't learned to become one with the water, and I got smashed by waves more than a couple times. I quickly learned to always face away from shore, and to plug my nose and drop into the water when a big scary wave caught me unprepared. With the choppier and deeper water on this go, it became apparent that I needed some flippers, so we stopped at the good surf shop in Glenelg on the way home and picked some up. Now a just need my own board, in a pretty color, of course!

We also grabbed some tasty treats from Port Elliot bakery, which Hugh displayed down the front of his shirt.


  1. So cool! It's beautiful.

  2. Very cool! And I loved that last sentence :)