Monday, June 03, 2013

Drive to Adelaide

We drove over to Adelaide on Thursday, arriving in the Adelaide Hills in time to catch the sunset from Mt. Lofty. I was surprised how green everything was! I visited the hills a few times in July of last year, mid-winter, and maybe I've just forgotten how green it was then. Or maybe it looked less green because there weren't bright orange leaves on the trees to contrast with the green fields. Anyway, it's lovely and makes me think of Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas...sigh. I'll have to create special Australian holidays to get me through the winter. Pi(e) Day is in July...I could make something of that. Anyway, June will probs be taken up with my visa application.

Giant Koala, somewhere in Victoria (it has red laser eyes that glow at night.)

Port Adelaide from Mt. Lofty.


  1. How is Pi(e) day in July?? It's March 14, I thought?

    1. The non-American Pi Day is 22/7, or the 22 July. 22 divided by 7 equals 3.1428.