Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Well, it is done...kinda. After weeks of stressing and worrying about a plethora of minor details, I submitted my de facto partner visa application this morning. I arrived at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship half an hour after they opened. It was a good decision, because it was nearly empty and I hardly had to wait at all. I was really nervous last night and this morning, because I still haven't received statutory declarations from three people. I'm supposed to have at least two from Australian citizens, but I've only received one from Hugh's sister's boyfriend, and one from Becky and John (who are obviously not Australian citizens). But my visa expires today, so I had to submit it.

As before, the people on reception were really friendly and helpful. The guy told me it wouldn't be a problem that I didn't have the stat decs, as long as I had my application forms. Oh man, I had way more paperwork than just the application forms! I meant to take a picture of my stack, but I forgot. In the end, it wasn't as massive as I'd expected, but it's still substantial.

The agent who processed my application (and relieved me of $3975), confirmed that I could just mail in the stat decs when they arrive, but she said someone "in my circumstances" didn't even really need stat decs because I'm on a valid visa and applying from within the country. That would have been nice to know before I harangued Hugh to harangue his friends and family every three days! But it's always better to over perform than to under perform, isn't it?

Anyway, now I wait. Approximately 13-18 months. But I really think my application is solid (I hope), so I'm not too concerned about the outcome. What matters is that I can breathe again, and start looking for jobs again.

I'm left with a feeling that I really should start smiling more in public. And if I really want to fit in in Australia, I need to learn to chill out. Today marks my one-year anniversary of leading a charmed life in this lucky country. Yay :-D

(In celebration, I bought a giant arancini ball. Yum!)

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