Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Exercise gear

Hugh and I both have a weakness for junk food, and our apartment building sits directly across the road from a McDonald's, which is next door to a KFC. Needless to say, both of our waistbands have been expanding lately. And now that I'm not working, I spend almost all of my time sitting on the couch like a slob. So Hugh and I have been talking about joining a gym. I'm normally totally resistant to such nonsense, since I'm allergic to both exercise and wasting money, but I need to make a change. There's a YMCA nearby, with a pool!, so we'll probably join there. But Hugh also started looking up sports clubs, since he'd like to get back into fencing and/or field hockey, and he found a softball club for me to join. Practice is tomorrow! Eep!

So now I'm joining a softball team, if all goes well. Hugh took me shopping yesterday to get running shoes, and while we were at it, I also got a sports bra, some leggings, some tracky bottoms, a hoody, two t-shirts, and two pairs of underwear. Oh, and socks. Almost everything was Bonds, my absolute favourite Australian brand. They make underwear and comfy loungewear. I'm so excited to wear it all to practice!


  1. Good luck gal! I feel your pain. Chinese food isn't the healthiest, and when I'm sick of it, I tend to eat at the local Indian restaurant... which is full of lovely gee and yogurt... mmmm... There are many bits of me that are expanding. Boohoo! So, I have recently become inspired to start yoga again. I did an online video yesterday. Suffering!!! But I feel re-inspired after reading your post. Soon, we will both be hot again!;)

  2. The first step to exercising is the proper gear, so it's good to hear you've completed that. :O) Now you actually need to move around. Have you tried the 7-minute workout? The only piece of equipment you need is a chair: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/05/09/the-scientific-7-minute-workout/ . This workout kicks my butt every time. I'm just a few pounds away from being "bikini ready."