Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Free shoes and stuff!

Oooh, I am feelin' good. Becky just gave me an old pair of shoes, and even though they are old, and too big, and slippery on the ground, and a bit démodé, I am feeling the freebie high. I loves me some freebies. Woot woot! Plus, they feel fun to wear, almost like tap shoes cuz they are noisy. Clip clop clop.


Also, I get free (yummy) dinner tonight, cooked NOT by me! Yippee! AND!!! It snowed last night, and it's supposed to snow more tonight! And I didn't have to pay for that, either! Life is gooooood.

Random eye candy: The Mighty Boosh


  1. Gah! You so didn't know it was gonna be free until after! What if I had let you pay?????


  2. Oh, this post was written the night before that. Jocky made me dinner. But it was nice to get another free dinner!

  3. Oh. well, then, my pleasure :-)

    That doctor's website - http://adayinthelifekijabe.blogspot.com/

    She writes about her time in Africa; it's heartbreaking and inspiring both. Makes me happy and proud that my daughter aspires to do similar. Makes me cry too...