Monday, January 14, 2008

Recipe Cards

Mmm, what a lovely, lazy Sunday. I slept in way too late, and now I'm lounging around in my pj's reading magazines (you rock, Becky) and discovering AMAZING things on the internet.

Back story: I tried to find cute recipe cards for a gift for a friend, and I looked ALL over U-Village. I started at Williams-Sonoma, an upscale cooking store.

"No, we don't have them. You could get index cards from Office Depot."

Index cards?! Does she really think that Williams-Sonoma customers would settle for index cards in place of recipe cards?

I next went to Crate and Barrel, a home store that has a large kitchen section. They recommended I go to Williams-Sonoma. I tried a few other, non-cooking stores, including Barnes and Noble, then went to a smaller cooking store. Finally, someone with recipes cards. Except that they were the most boring recipe cards possible! Argh!! Do people not write out recipes anymore? I consulted Martha Stewart (dotcom), and she told me to print my own! Even Martha couldn't recommend a place to get cute recipe cards.

In the end, I went with some cheery, red index cards (le sigh), embellished by me with some sticker borders (which were also surprisingly hard to find! Am I just clueless? Actually, I know the answer to that question is "yes.")

But I just did a search for recipe cards (well, a few searches), and the almighty Internets have smiled upon me this once, and blessed me with this and this:


That second website led me to this website, where I found these:

And of course, now I'm very upset that I don't have enough money to buy all the amazing, adorable things in the world that I want.

Le pout. ):0(

I stink. Must shower.

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