Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Focus Necklace

Yeah, I could use some of that: Focus Necklace, by Made With Molecules.

Why, WHY hasn't anyone made a good DNA necklace or bracelet? Double helix or molecular? Is DNA just too commercial? You know, you can buy paternity tests at RiteAid now. The commercial for it is appalling and tragic. A woman talks about how she and her husband have piece of mind. Piece of mind? You're not upset about the fact that your husband couldn't trust you enough to believe the child was his? Or perhaps I have it wrong. Perhaps you slept around, and you weren't sure who the father was, and your husband knew. So now he's happy to know the child is his and can forget that you slept with someone else??

But yeah, they should totally make a DNA necklace.

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