Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun Being Had

Here are photos of fun being had:



These pants are a legacy. Sara, Emily and I found them at Value Village on Halloween, 2006, and now everyone has to be photographed in them. Unfortunately, Rania and Ben didn't get to pose in them while they were here over Christmas break. (Compare with photo from 2006.)

Also, some photos of my NEW APARTMENT! YAY! By the way, I LOVE it! It's just the right size for me, and oh-so-charming. I'm slowly decorating it (taking my time cuz I don't have much decorating sense), and it's starting to come together.

Can I just say that, although I LOVE maps, especially colorful ones, I sorta hate this one. Like many makers of American map, Rand McNally has cut Eurasia IN HALF in order to place America where it belongs, at the center of the world. Wrong! A child could get seriously confused from this map, as it appears that there are two China's, two India's, two Kazakhstan's, etc. (perhaps most alarmingly, two Afghanistans. Does that mean we'll need twice as many soldiers fighting in the war there?) But I think the seriously-faulted map still adds a nice element to the room.

Pretty lights in the kitchen! Yay!

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