Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bands to start listening to

Every once in a while, I experience moments that make me truly love my life. Last night at the Capitol Hill Block Party, standing in a crowd of a few hundred people, hugging close to Becky and John, craning my neck to see Vampire Weekend perform, I felt truly grateful for my life. This is the life, I thought to myself. Two music festivals in two weeks=awesome. I got to thinking of all the other concerts and festivals I've been to in the last two years (mostly thanks to Sara). Music is...good. I like it. Yeah.

First, photos of the Sub Pop SP20 Festival two weekends ago. Emily bought tickets for Sara and I for our respective birthdays, so we could see Flight of the Conchords (woooooot!) In the end, Emily was not able to attend :-( so we invited Sara's friend, Addie.

Me (clearly, this cutout was made for
people with bigger heads than mine)

Sara and Addie


FOTC again

Huge thanks to Emily for the tix!!

Sub Pop bands I'd like to get to know better:
  1. Eric's Trip
  2. The Helio Sequence
  3. Fleet Foxes (very pretty harmonies)
  4. Iron and Wine (gorgeous songs!)

Then the Capitol Hill Block Party:

Becky enjoying Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend (I promise it's them)

Block Party bands to get to know better:
  1. Vampire Weekend (need their album)
  2. The Dodos
Uh, yeah. That's it, I guess. Fun fun fun!


  1. Did you take a percocet before the block party? Did that make it extra fun? ;o)

    How's your mouth?

  2. You forgot to mention the singer/guitarist who was playing songs about cats. Don't forget his awesome song, "You're beautiful, but you're holding your chopsticks wrong."

  3. Just think. In a month, you will be telling us about all the British bands you have to get to know better.

  4. The wallet that I got there still works. Chickadee-check-it: