Monday, July 07, 2008


I chose my airplane seat for my flight! Yippee! I didn't know I could do that until the other day, when I logged on to the airline's website. Anyway, with help from, I chose lucky number 13J. Okay, maybe 13 isn't so lucky, but it's not like we'll have a plane crash and only row 13 will die, right? Right?

Seat J is a window seat, and I chose row 13 cuz the view won't be blocked by the wing. It's gonna be great! Except for the video equipment restricting my leg room (the only seats I was allowed to choose from all had that). But hey, it's only a 10-hour flight, with no stops. No problem!

Also, I just finished applying for a Grad PLUS loan. I delayed so long because I didn't know how much money to ask for. Really, I didn't know which pound-to-dollar exchange rate to use in order to calculate how much money to ask for. The school doesn't provide this information, so I emailed them two weeks ago. I have yet to receive any response, which really hasn't built up my waning confidence in the school's administration processes. So I picked a high exchange rate to cover my ass in case the dollar drops pitifully in the next year. Hope I don't get screwed!

Fourth of July was fun, even though Becky and John totally bailed on me. Losers. Anyway, Sara and Emily and I watched the Elliot Bay and Lake Union fireworks from the (totally rickety and sagging) balcony on the back of my building. Both good shows, though they will never compare to the New Year's Space Needle fireworks that wouldn't go off and had to be hand-lit. The Elliot Bay/Fourth of Jul-Ivars one was almost quaint, with only very traditional fireworks. None of those new-fangled smiley faces or hearts or cubes available at the WaMu Family Fourth. My favorites will always be the ones that look like pixie dust.


  1. Have you seen the newest fireworks technology? It's way better than smiley faces. When the explosion goes off, it automatically downloads itself to your iPhone. I think it uses Bluetooth or something. It's like the coolest thing ever.

  2. I saw some fireworks last year that showed a whole episode of The Dukes of Hazzard.