Thursday, July 10, 2008

Experimenting with dinner

PMS, lack of energy, and perhaps a tad bit of laziness conspired against me tonight when it came time to figure out what to eat for dinner. I was at a loss. I didn't want to make pasta again, but I didn't have any instant meals like Top Ramen or Mac N' Cheese. A glance in my pathetic freezer, and I came out with frozen corn, and frozen medallions of mashed potatoes (just add water and heat!)

Brain: "Hm, mashed potatoes with corn? Could work. But! What if I fried the mashed potatoes and corn? What if I shaped them into patties and fried them, like my dear old (also cooking-challenged) Pop used to do? Oh yes...I like how you think."

I was a little nervous that this would fail miserably, but how can you fail when you have potatoes, cooking oil, and a heat source? No, my friends, this is one recipe that even I can't screw up (except by burning the bottoms just a teensy bit).

Verdict: Delicious. Oh, so delicious.

Today, I discovered something that made me very happy. I noticed long ago that the page for London is...lacking. People there apparently don't know about it. Under the "free stuff" category, there is but one item per day! How am I supposed to furnish my apartment for free with other people's discarded detritus?

And then I found it. It's called Gumtree, and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing, possibly even more beautiful than Craigslist (prettier color scheme, at least). Now I can get all the free toilets and top soil that I need! All is right with the world. Nothing else matters much.


  1. As a kid I would love to mix my corn with my mashed potatoes. Mmmm!

  2. Sounds like you mixed yourself up some classic bona fide corn patties! ARR! (pirate voice)