Sunday, July 13, 2008

Housing woes

I didn't get into the residence hall I applied to. Poo. Well, I wasn't that thrilled about living in a charmless shoebox, anyway, without an oven or freezer. Perhaps now I'll be able to find someplace more charming and convenient (though as far as location, the halls would have been ideally convenient). I'd still love to live around Russell Square (it's basically the only part of London I'm even remotely familiar with, from when Jody and I stayed there for five days). Maybe I'll just move into the Generator youth hostel. I won't have a kitchen at my disposal, or my own space, but I'll get to PARTY EVERY NIGHT, YEAH!

Or not.


  1. You'll find something cool. Maybe we can send you some cardboard boxes and you can build a sweet little maze house in an alley somewhere. If Charles Dickens has taught me anything, it's that London is a GREAT city to be destitute in.

  2. Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry :-(

    Love your new profile, though :-)