Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blahbety blah blah

Nothing to report today. It was a slow, but lovely day. [Distinguished Reader lets out huge sigh of relief.]

The arrow means “look! Flowers!” You see, I live in a ville fleurié, a distinction bestowed on any town that goes out of its way to plant flowers in visible spots. Then they put up these little blue signs to point the flowers out, in case you missed them. Either that, or it’s telling you to drive on the right. Can’t be sure.

How can any child be expected to get through this book? Who has the attention span? Something tells me we won't finish it in the next two weeks. We're on page 62, and we only ever read four or five pages in a day. Only 702 still to go!


  1. I always thought those signs were to direct the traffic. Seeing as how they have those signs where there aren't flowers, too, right?

  2. Yeah, Jody. That's why you're "the dumb one" in the family.

  3. Don't bother with Phoenix, it's the worst of the lot by miles. Skip it and start Half-Blood Prince - way better!

  4. I am NOT the dumb one! I'm the smartest, but also laziest one. Jerk.