Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sometimes We Amaze Ourselves

So, I don't know how many people in the US follow the World Cup (I know I never have), but the USA remarkably did not lose against Italy yesterday. It was funny watching the reactions of the teams/coaches/fans, considering the fact that it was a tie game (1 to 1). The Italians were all frowns and dejection, but the Americans were nearly ecstatic. Our boys played some really intense defense. I only caught the last third of the game, but the Italians effectively kept the ball on the American side of the field almost the whole time. And though the American offense was almost non-existent, the defense was amazing (at least to my un-trained eye). I was glad to see that we didn't lose, especially because Hercules and Aphrodite were avidly rooting against the Americans (what else is new?)

I took Narcissus into town yesterday to hang out with Sarah and her charge (I forget what nickname I gave him; maybe Joe?). When I first told Narcissus we were going, he threw a fit and refused to go. I had the foresight to tell him about it an hour in advance. I figured I'd let it sink in and hope he'd be willing to go when the time came to leave. Luckily, he was! We put on his roller blades and I pulled him to the train station. I let him wear the roller blades on the train and the metro, and he loved it! He and Joe had a bunch of fun together. In Sarah's words, they were "thick as thieves." I also got to meet Sarah's parents, which was cool. They're from Yorkshire, and I loved her dad's accent. He was so fun to listen to, even if he wasn't saying anything particularly entertaining. He made a delicious Spanish omelette thing. I'm not sure if there's a proper name for it other than "Spanish omelette."

Sarah and I took the boys to the grocery store after lunch, which involved pulling them along behind us. The boys are both extremely competitive, so they were racing the whole time, except that it was Sarah and I who were pulling them, so they kept yelling at us to pass each other. In the grocery store, a Frenchman approached us speaking English with a London accent.

The weather had been indecisive in the morning, so I left the house wearing jeans (which were tight), but then it became downright sweltering. Oh man, I was uncomfortable. When we left for home, it started pouring down rain, which was kinda nice and refreshing. This morning, my arms and shoulders are sore from pulling Narcissus all over the place.

From top: Narcissus on the train;
Narcissus and Joe with creepy, possessed, dancing robot;
Sarah's backyard (Narcissus loved the tractor)


  1. Hi Kusems,
    I dont follow soccer like I used fave team was always Manchester...but its been eons since i've even watched a single game....
    I bet that will change as soon as my kids enter school...then I become a real soccer mom!

  2. Yes....most of my friends are kinda nuts over soccer or better known as football in Europe. I don't watch it but my I grew up in a household where football (soccer) is played all the time. Both my brothers love football so whenever it's world cup time, the only thing that is on TV is football. So football makes me miss home. I want my mommy....hehehehe Well hope ur arms and shoulder are feeling a little better. Yes....the same thing happens to me too...each time I'm all bundled up, all nice and warm, it's gets freaking hot. And when I go out with shorts and tank gets cold. I think Mother nature loves messing with me... :) Well take care!