Saturday, June 03, 2006

Feeling A Little Under the Blog

Hm, I really haven’t been inspired to blog lately. In fact, this week, I’ve spent far less time on my computer than normal. I haven’t blogged or visited any of my favorite blogs in a while. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. It’s like I’m spontaneously kicking this addiction, cold-turkey.

Last night, there was a free concert in town. It featured a French singer (Amel Bent) and Daniel Powter (he who croons “Jimmy Gets High” and “Bad Day”). I went with Sarah, her Lebanese friend Mansur, and Jascha. Sarah, Mansur and I all had a good time, dancing like goof balls because we didn’t actually know any of the songs except the two mentioned above. We were determined to have a good time. Jascha stood somewhat behind us, perfectly still through the whole concert, a serious expression on his face. At one point, he had his eyes closed.

“Sleeping?” I asked.
“Just feeling the music.” Whatever.

The general consensus was that Amel Bent was a good singer, but was cursed with lame songs (as are most French musicians), and Daniel Powter is gay and has “lumberjack arms” (in Jascha’s words). After the concert, Sarah, Mansur, and I headed off to a nightclub where Sarah was meeting a couple people. The nightclub was a “gay-friendly” club (though I guess not an outright gay club), so there were a few interesting characters to watch. There was one guy dressed in tight, white pants, a white jacket, and a white pimp hat. By the way he dressed and danced, he clearly considered Michael Jackson to be his role-model.

Sarah is very worried that she has corrupted me by taking me to this place and introducing me to my first transsexual. Actually, this person was somewhere between being transsexual and transgender, but I’m not really sure how far she(he) had gone in the whole switcheroo. Part of me would rather not know, but then again, I am really curious by nature…

Anyhoo, that’s all I have to say for now, which, quite frankly, surprises me. Oh well.

Random anecdote: when Narcissus and I got home today, Athena was sunbathing with six friends. Narcissus, anxious and confused and not recognizing his sister among all the scantily-clad fifteen-year-olds, asked, “Who do all these girls belong to?”

Official Star Wars Episode III count: currently at seven times in five days


  1. Wow, Narcissus is already a chauvinist, eh? Sad. :)

  2. Narcissus's rate is decreasing. It used to be 5/3 or 1.66666 times per day, but now it's a shameful 7/5 or 1.4 times per day.

    Is it cool watching that movie with French dialogue? Do you have any favorite French lines from that movie? And how many times have you watched it - the same as Narcissus?

  3. Well, his rate decreased because he watched it twice in one day the first day, then he watched it once a day thereafter. The one thing about the French version is that (at least for Episode II) the voice of Anakin is far less annoying than Hayden Christenson's voice. No, I don't really have any favorite lines, mostly because the boys tend to fast forward through dialogue. They're hard-core, you know. Battles only. The only line I can think of is "Que la Force soit avec vous."

    I watched it once all the way through, then I've seen bits of it here and there, and I can hear it from my bedroom.