Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fiery Goblets

Ahhhhhhhhh. Star Wars III has (happily) been replaced with Harry Potter 4. Such an improvement! I’m far more willing to watch a Harry Potter movie twice in one day than a Star Wars movie (well, the new ones).

The boys watched The Goblet of Fire (La Coupe de Feu) all the way up to the last 15 minutes, when their mom pulled them out to run errands. So this evening, Narcissus started the film again, at the beginning, because he hadn’t seen the end (makes perfect sense, huh?) He watched it through a second time, all the way up to the last 15 minutes, THEN GOT BORED! I could not believe it! The child with the endless attention span.

Whatever. I’m over it.

Oh my gosh, the weather has been so fantastic. The pool is roughly 75 degrees Fahrenheit (25 centigrade). As my German friend, Ingo, once said (in reference to the Great Salt Lake), “Pee-warm.” Ah, Ingo. He’s a hoot.

I went swimming after the sun went down and wasn’t the least bit cold, either in the pool or standing outside it soaking wet. Not to rub it in anyone’s face, or anything. I just think you should know what the weather is like in the southwest of France. For educational purposes, you know?

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  1. Stop rubbing you brat!

    You are just going to LOVE coming home to the glorious PNW where if you were to get in the pool after dark you would turn a lovely shade of blue...... they could put a stick up your arse and make a popsicle out of you, hee hee.

    We have had totally crazy psycho weather over here 90 degrees one minute and then 50 the next.... the same day. I will leave home dressed for 90 and end up freezing. I hate June. With the exception of my birthday, and I am beginning to dread even that little fact. I am not prepared to be 38. I was not ready to be 37. I still feel 21. How can I be turning 38???????? Crap.

    Enjoy your gorgeous weather dear. Ours is coming. Next month it will be like that here, minus the nice pool in the back yard though :)