Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Drug Store Dreamin'

Dude. I just realized something. I was randomly thinking about RiteAid, which is a drug store in the good ol’ US where they sell all kinds of useless, overpriced ish, and they also have a pharmacy. And I realized that France doesn't have drug stores like ours, and I was kind of excited to go shop at one when I get back to the States.

Okay, let me explain this a little better. I don’t know about the UK, but here in France, you have grocery stores and you have pharmacies. At a pharmacy, you can get prescriptions filled or you can buy various health and beauty products (such as contact lens solution), but that’s about it. At a grocery store, you get mostly everything else, but you can’t get the things you get at a pharmacy. Like contact lens solution. You won’t find it in a grocery store (I’ve looked in at least two). So I don’t know if the UK is like that. But America isn’t.

In America, you can get just about everything in a grocery store, short of prescription drugs. You can get make-up, contact lens solution and over-the-counter medications. And in a drug store, you can get lots of stuff that you can also get in a grocery store, such as shampoo and make-up and contact lens solution, in addition to your over-the-counter or prescription meds. But drug stores also have random stuff, like beach supplies and perfume and electronics. Basically, stuff you don’t know you need until you see it. Also, since there is less stuff in a drug store than a grocery store, there is more room for emphasis on beauty products. If I were in a grocery store, I wouldn’t ever be tempted to buy make-up, but I’m often tempted to buy make-up (that I never wear) in a drug store. So the sole purpose of a drug store is to get you to spend money on stuff you don’t need.

And it works. On me, at least. Everyone thinks Americans are dumb, but we are truly brilliant when it comes to getting you to spend money. We have capitalism down to an art.

Anyway, that was a really random blog. But I guess it’s a sign that I’m getting excited to come home. I can spend money I don’t have on things I don’t need again! Oh geez…you know there’s something really wrong with you when you start fantasizing about shopping at RiteAid.

This photo is completely unrelated to the above entry.


  1. Before I came home, I fantasized about shopping at Safeway. :) I kept thinking, "Ooooh, when I get home, the first thing I'm gonna do is go grocery shopping at 2 o'clock in the morning." Actually, the first thing I did when I got home way get McDonald's food at 2 o'clock in the morning. But whatever. :)

  2. Boy.....you really miss home, huh? Well hang in there....you'll be home soon enough and I think when u're home, you'll probably miss France. :) Take it easy!

  3. There are SOME grocery stores that actually have pharmacies in them, for example, SUPER WALMART. AND it is open 24 hours and they have like furniture sections where you could take a nap if you needed to so that you could actually stay for 24 hours if you wanted to. These wonders of all wonders actually have garden sections too. It actually boggles the mind.



  4. I appreciate the photo that has nothing to do with your blog. That's cool.

  5. Actually, Ben and I live 2 blocks from a giant QFC (grocery store) that has its own pharmacy and Starbucks inside. It also has a deli, florist, home improvement sections (where you can even buy deck furniture, and a dinning room table). Ahh, consumerism!