Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Houses of Parliament

After spending a couple hours online, answering apartment ads (I left a bunch of messages, only two were returned), I decided to check out the Houses of Parliament. During the summer, you can tour the houses, so I decided to do that before it's too late. Both of my guidebooks said it would cost £7, so I was more than a bit peeved to discover that the price is actually £12.

I need to be really careful that I don't let money rule my life. I get way too stressed out by it.

Anyway, not much to say about the Houses. They were kinda cozy. Very small. There are some 700 lords in the House of Lords, but only seats for 300-400. Which works out, since only half of them ever show up on a given day. Similar situation with the House of Commons. Once you're appointed to the House of Lords, you're there for life, but seats are no longer hereditary. That's all I can be arsed to say about that. Politicians, blech.

Ooh, speaking of: tonight there was a commercial on TV advertising the US Presidential debates. They're actually advertising the debates here! And the only reason I noticed the TV at all was because they were using one of Obama's speeches to advertise the debates. Brilliant! I doubt they use McCain to advertise anything (well, you wouldn't want to put people to sleep). In the interest of fairness, they probably should. But this isn't their election, so I guess they don't have to be fair. Fine with me! Obama's voice is so soothing!

Love you all! Pictures here.


  1. Have you signed up to vote absentee yet? Let me know if you would like help with that. Ms. Petey and I are considering going door-to-door for BARE-ick Obama. Seriously. The debates will be on Friday night here -- so it would be like 3 a.m. Saturday if you wanted to watch live. Are you going to stay up???

  2. Yes, we might go door-to-door. I was a little nervous to do that (seeing as how I would have to TALK to people), but then I realized, I can be the good cop, John can be the bad cop! I'll just be quiet and then pipe in every now and then with something so brilliant that light shines on the person's face and they decide to vote Democrat.