Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today I was supposed to hang out with two girls from my school, but I haven't heard a peep from either of them. Losers.

I also haven't heard from Izzi, who claimed she was going to be in town sometime this past week. She clearly doesn't love me anymore.

Instead, I decided to go to Buckingham Palace, because the State Rooms are only open to tourists until Monday, and then the Queen comes home and everything's locked up until next August. I got there around 2:30pm, thinking I'd have plenty of time to buy an advance ticket for the 3:45 tour and still be able to call Pops and Michele at 3pm. At 3:10, when I was still a ways back from the front of the line, I decided to leave Buckingham for tomorrow. I called Pops and Michele: it was so great to hear their voices! Pops managed to sell my car yesterday (have I mentioned that yet?), so he's my superhero.

After calling them, I went to Harrod's. I haven't really done any shopping since I got here (except the pashmina), but I knew I wouldn't spend anything at Harrod's, so it was safe. Harrod's wasn't quite what I expected. I expected something more like, a giant Nordstrom, I guess. More open. The place was a maze! It was crazy. Everything was super fancy and expensive (i.e. boring) until I got to the floor with the young women's clothes. Then I went into full covet mode. I immediately fell in love with an adorable wool coat. I think it was more than £300, so not really an option. Actually, there were two really cute wool coats. I also feel incomplete without a really, really cute sweater t-shirt by Ralph Lauren for $85. Le sigh...

After Harrod's, I made an unwise decision to go into Zara. Well, I don't know about unwise. Zara has a line of basic sweaters that they sell year-round, every year (at least for the last three years) at really good prices. I ended up buying a long gray v-neck sweater for £12. Then came the really dangerous part: they had a "home" section. So much gorgeous stuff! There is a "kids" blanket that I reallyreallyreally want for £85. I mean, that's a reasonable price for a comforter, right? I'll shop around, but I doubt I'll find another I like that much.


  1. $170 for a blanket?! That's pricey.

    I'm totally jealous that you have a Zara. We're getting an H&M here soon, but still no Zara. Sad.

  2. haha! Yeah, I was at the Zara in Knightsbridge, and I asked if there was one on Oxford Street. The girl responded that there were four. Four on one street. And there is H&M everywhere as well.

  3. hahaha! I totally know what you mean by 'full covet mode'. I had a moment like that shopping online. Jcrew was having a super sale and so I was going to buy 2 pairs of pants for $29.99 each...but then I decided there was a beautiful blazer for only $89 (plus 20% off)that I wanted too. This is the point where husbands come in handy. If you ask them their opinion and they say yes, my theory is that I don't have to feel guilty about it. Not the most intellectually honest rule of thumb, but it works for me!;)