Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, Part 2

Guess what? I found the Goodness Cafe! It was empty. As in, no furniture or people. And the "G" in its name is covered by a real estate agent's sign. The Goodness Cafe, as in, "Goodness gracious, how many more miles am I going to have to walk before I can use the freaking internet?!"

But it's fine. I caught the tube into the city and I'm sitting in a cafe called "The Breakfast Club." Izzi and Tim brought me the other day. It has a really fun atmosphere, and free wifi. You know, if you don't think about the 2GBP I spent getting here on the tube, or the 3.50GBP I spent at the cafe itself. (Hm, I just realized that was a $7 smoothie...Must remember not to convert to dollars.)

But the benefits make the price worth it. I'm in SOHO, around other young people, in a sunny cafe (it's decorated yellow and orange, and the chalkboard outside the door has the lyrics to Coldplay's "Yellow"), and, best of all, using my own laptop. The cheap internet cafe I was using before was dark, depressing, and cramped, and I had to use public computers.


  1. That picture is so quintessentially British! I love it. I'm so jealous.

  2. yay! B & I just got internet too, in our place - we finally gave up on tmobile at Starbucks since it kept cutting out :( It's amazing how addicted we all are now. How did anyone ever survive without it?
    Well, I'm glad you are finally finding your way around, and getting as settled in as you can without having your own place yet - that will come soon, I'm sure!
    Things at law school are pretty much as freakishly busy as usual. I have some leads on jobs that involve prosecuting enviro-criminals captain planet style. With luck I might even have an offer by Christmas! (Any if the sky opens up and lemon drops rain down from heaven, it might even pay!;) Then, standing at your side, I can confidently purchase $7 smoothies on my credit card!;)

  3. Have you tried going to a library for free wifi? Also, is this the map you have of hotspots? If not, you might try it (also scroll down the page to see recent comments about newly discovered places).